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  1. Well, that's a shame. I think the fact that this thread is two years old and still not implemented is a pretty obvious sign that Enpass isn't prioritizing this and the reason I've stopped using it. I understand that things like this take time, but two years for 2FA on a password manager (the one thing you want to be secure) is far too long. Nearly all of your competitors offer this as standard. This is too long, in my opinion.
  2. Hi, I agree, with this post entirely. I think 2FA should be implemented as soon as possible as it is the biggest security issue with Enpass and the only reason why I haven't fully converted to Enpass from my current provider. I find it a bit strange that a vault of the most important information we own (passwords) wouldn't offer this as standard and that Enpass can offer one-time passcodes for lots of sites but this can't be in it's own app? Even for now if you could implement 2FA via a phone text until a real authenticator such as Authy or similar can be used in the future.
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