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  1. bump. The year is over & is now 2022... I've been lurking around Enpass for years, hoping that you might realise that without a security audit happening at regular intervals, then the product can't really be taken seriously and be recommended to others. You have a nice app and the functionalty is good. This means that I want to be able to recommend it, but your consistent lax security protocols always leave me wondering "why?" What gives with no regular security audits (every year or two)? The codebase should be stable enough to ensure that any features don't create critical or major security issues.
  2. It is for this reason that the app is completely unusable on both environments. For this reason and the fact that I lodged several issues on this forum and that it took a few weeks for responses sometimes, that I have *very* happily gone back to 1password -- a much superior application (both mobile and desktop and support). Too bad I paid for the mobile version before truly checking it out. For everything that enpass advertises but fails to deliver (and clearly continues to do so), I gave 1 star.
  3. Haven't noticed any CPU issues at all. It seems network related.
  4. I don't quit the application, although I do 'press the red x' which supposedly removes the icon from the dock and it continues running as a status menu icon in the menu bar. It keeps working for a period of time, but it seems that whenever my machine goes idle, then I need to re-enter the password. I *do* have a firewall installed which limits what enpass can transmit to the internet and I've disabled all the traffic that doesn't go to *my* server. Perhaps it's a symptom (but can't figure out why!)
  5. So, what you're saying is: On Pre Android-M systems PIN unlock does not work. On Android-M systems you can use your fingerprint (which I'd never do!). So, either way you have provided something that a) doesn't work and b) will never be used! I had already paid for this (because I have a large number of entries), with the assumption that a PIN unlock would be something that actually worked and was usable. There is of course a simple developer solution: create a service that is long running and encrypt the master password using the PIN and store the encrypted result in that service. I'm relatively sure that's what other password managers do (hint: 1password is NOT an online service). Unfortunately, I'm off to a) look at other password managers again and b) give 1 star for completely wasting my time and money through a bogus marketing ploy. Disappointed, Craig.
  6. A 5 seconds test -- what is the point of that? But to answer your question, yes, I can flip back and forth from app to browser. If the OS kills it however (which is all of the time), then I have to re-enter the Master Password, which is too cumbersome to use on a daily basis on a mobile. Other Password Managers have a 'log in once and then use the pin' afterwards -- even after days of no usage.
  7. I notice that the 'sync' icon is always in the 'busy' state and never seems to actually: 'be synced'. This is possibly because I have a really bad network connection, that is always going up and down... However, the app never seems to 'time out' and retry a sync. If I quit the app and reopen it and enter my Master Password, it seems to sync properly and I see a refresh button. However, if close my lid and go to another location with a different WiFi network, I'll see the 'busy' sync again... .. and no, new passwords do not propagate to my mobile device when it's in this mode. I'm using v5.2.1
  8. When I go to a site's login page, it seems that the the browser plugin always shows me two entries. This seems to be happening on entries that I have imported from another Password Manager and these entries have two urls in them for the same domain (although they have different port numbers). Example 1: I have one entry that has the following urls: example.com:1234 example.com and I will see two entries when I am at example.com (port 80). Example 2: I have one entry that has the following as urls: example.com:8080/path1 example.com:8080:path2 and I also see two entries in the browser plugin. These are legitimate uses cases: 1 username/password pair for different urls. (I am using FFox 43 on Max 10.10) Thanks, Craig.
  9. I have a similar issue posted in the Android forum, perhaps it's relevant, perhaps not. I always need to type in my MasterPassword, even though I've set it to not do so for 59 hours! It doesn't matter which AutoLock scenario I choose (either Enpass is idle, or System is idle). As I mentioned in my other post, I am syncing with OwnCloud, as that seems to be the only thing that might be relevant to this issue. Any ideas? Thanks, Craig.
  10. Hi, I'm running on Android 4.0.3 and it seems that I always need to type in my Master Password: I never get a chance to use the PIN... even after a minute or two, even though in the settings I have it set to 12hrs. Any ideas on what's going wrong? (If it's relevant, I am using sync on an OwnCloud/WebDAV server) Cheers, Craig.
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