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  1. I try to ask for this function. Why can't you put both PIN and fingerprint on Android? Often when the fingerprint sensor cannot identify you well to unlock the database and the attempts of incorrect release are exceeded, the main password is requested, and this is a big problem especially if it is long and complicated. It would be nice if you cannot unlock with the fingerprint sensor a PIN is requested instead of the password.
  2. Great! The best password manager! I would buy the lifetime version, but the price is too much, I hope in the future the price will be lower.:-)
  3. It came to mind, using enpass portable in 2 separate folders, you can have 2 different databases. Right?
  4. I have a doubt about the caveaus. Can I have a different and independent database for another person? For example, I would like to put my passwords on Enpass where I can only access me, and another person put his passwords where he only has access. And neither one must be able to see the other password. It's possible?
  5. I am a happy owner of Enpas, but I have a question about unlocking with windows hello. Is it safe to unlock with fingerprint windows hello? When I unlock the database with my fingerprint, can same keyloggers detect the master password and the key file? Thank you
  6. I have been a happy user of Enpass for a long time and I have the annual subscription. I would like to better understand how the subscription verification works. I read that Enpass connects to the server every 24 hours to check the subscription, right? But sometimes I travel to places in the mountains and there is no internet. So if I can't connect to the Internet for 1 month or 2 months what happens? It blocks? Does the One-Time Plan subscription also connect every 24 to check the subscription?
  7. I also have the same problem. I'm Italian and I have Windows 11. Now I'm using the portable version as an emergency. But this problem must be solved otherwise they have to reimburse us. Very serious problem.
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