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  1. Hi Abhishek, Will do. Thank you. Francis
  2. I have the same problem. I have the latest version of Enpass on my MacBook, my iMac desktop and my iPhone. iPhone and iMac synchronize but MacBook doesn't. I use Dropbox for this purpose. I added a password today on my iMac and no problem with the synchronization between the iPhone and the iMac, but nothing on the MacBook. It looks like the difference is that I moved the MacBook up to Ventura, but not the iMac. Everything was fine on the MacBook until I upgraded to Ventura, and I see other forum posts about issues with Ventura. When I hit the "Sync Now" button, nothing happens, and same with control J. It is as if the synchronize function has been removed from Enpass. Any help would be appreciated. Francis
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