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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan I wasn't able to disconnect Dropbox from Enpass on my Mac. I ended up removing the app entirely, reinstalling and restoring from Dropbox and that seems to have fixed the sync issues. Thanks
  2. Hi Abhishek Where can I find instructions for removing the synchronization and allowing access to the firewall settings? Thanks Julianna
  3. Hi there I have Enpass installed on my Macbook and iPhone, but it won't sync to Dropbox on my Macbook. I can confirm this because I added a new password on my Macbook and it's not showing in my iPhone, even when I "sync now" from the overall application or the specific settings for Dropbox. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Ak Thanks for this. I tried this, but it kept asking for the master password and the ones I thought it would be didn't work. For anyone else who has this problem, here is what I did (that worked): Sync my old phone with Dropbox Sync my computer with Dropbox Uninstall Enpass on my new phone Reinstall Enpass on my new phone and create and empty keychain with the same master password that I am using on my other devices Stop sync on my computer and old phone with Dropbox Create a backup of my keychain from my old phone Copy the backup to my new phone Restore the keychain on my new phone using the backup Go into Dropbox and delete the App > Enpass folder Setup sync with Dropbox and my computer and new phone J
  5. Hi there I switched to a new phone and restored my Enpass data from Dropbox. I can't seem to get the Master Password to work, even though it still works on my old phone. Any ideas about how to fix this? Thanks Julianna
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