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  1. Hi pijnen, in this scenario you have to manually copy username and password to fill in the dialog. Such popups are not at DOM level but at native level. At present there are almost no APIs in the browsers that support the ability for extensions to grab the htaccess prompts and thus we cannot support it. To grab such popups the companies behind browsers must add required apis.
  2. Hey ScottT, we are sorry for the trouble you are facing. We are very keen to help you but as the site is on your local network we cannot debug it to see the underlying problem. Can you save the page as web archive and mail the zip of that folder to the support@enpass.io, so that we can investigate the problem.
  3. Hey steelew, we are sorry for the trouble you are facing in opening Enpass from browser extension. It is a known issue in the latest version of Chromium which is being used by both Google Chrome and Opera and affects both of them while launching custom url scheme from within extension. Due to this issue, we are removing the custom launching temporarily (only for Chrome and Opera) in the next update as it is crashing the Opera extension too. But to compensate this removal, we are adding another useful feature of "Autorun on system startup", which will start Enpass automatically at every s
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