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  1. Could you please add this in your roadmap? It would be very nice to be able to share easily one additional vault on the same cloud with relatives. Thank you.
  2. Hi. Do you have any progress status to share on this issue?
  3. Same issue here with Safari on MacOS Ventura on iMac M1, Vault synchronized with DropBox since I installed Enpass one month ago. Did you make any progress to fix this issue? I am starting to regret my old configuration with 1Password 7… Configuration: iMac 24" M1 MacOS 13.1 (22C65) Safari Version 16.2 (18614. Enpass 6.8.4 (1166) MacApp Store 1 Vault Sync with Dropbox, 880 passwords
  4. Hi. I understand that it is a new feature suggestion. Thank you.
  5. I also support this feature. It would strongly improve the security of the vaults of your users compared to an usual weak master password. With the new Apple passkey service, it would be very efficient for Apple users.
  6. Hi. My use case is that I use Enpass to share passwords with my wife. I have created a secondary vault (on Dropbox) that I share with her because it is not possibly to share an additional vault on the same drive (iCloud, Dropbox or Onedrive actually, I tested them all). That’s a shame because I am paying for iCloud because I believe their security is better than Dropbox especially with their new end to end encryption. So I would like to share a secondary vault on iCloud but it is not possible. Could you please consider the creation of secondary vaults on the same drive service? Thank you.
  7. Right. WebDAV is not available with the free Icedrive account though.
  8. Everything is in the title. Icedrive.net is very interesting because it has generous free plan (100GB) and is encrypted. I would prefer to avoid non encrypted cloud services as an extra layer of security. Thank you.
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