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  1. I don't want to use enoass to autofill my payments or address only passwords. This issue I'm having is if enoass is not default it gets disabled and everytime I need to autofill a password I have to go to extensions to re-enable enoass. This was working fine until a few days ago. How can I get enpass to stay enabled for passwords only.
  2. as a few days ago, I'm no longer able to autofill payment and addresses with chrome if enpass is enabled. I only want enpass to control my passwords not everything, how to I configuire it to go back, and I don't care what is recommended, can I get it to go back or do I need a new pw manager?
  3. I'm having the same problem, when I click on my broadway bank mobile app, it no longer prompts me to use enpass. I tried enabling the “Autofill using accessibility“ but all that did was open enpass and I have to look for the name of the institution and copy and paste the pw. I want to to work like before where all I did was put in my finger print and it would automatically fillin the info. I'm not sure if the android update broke this or it just stoped working my phone OnePlus 10 pro, android version 13 Thank you Monica
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