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  1. 1Password do it correctly, this is why I returned to use 1Password, I like enpass more than all others and I like to support smaller companies, but 1Password is working perfectly for me and enpass has various bugs and missing functions, for example it cannot save additional fields and in Facebook it saves the info correctly but when filling it writes the info in the sign up section instead of sign in section. I hope enpass fix those issues soon because I really like it.
  2. It could be due to time, this site works from 6 to 22 hrs (gmt-6) you can try www.asesordeseguros.com.mx wich is the same site
  3. Some fields are saved incorrectly and not common fields are not saved, ill post you screenshots of every clcik to illustrate the bug
  4. im having the same issue in www.lineamonterrey.com.mx
  5. Hi, i am switching from 1password to enpass, in 1password i can fill a form and save it whithout sending it, it is important for me because there are some sites that prevent software like enpass or 1password to retrieve data when sending it, this type of forms can be saved to 1password by clicking save new login button and it works perfect but it cannot be done in enpass, can you consider this feature?
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