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  1. Hi, could you pls provide update regarding the release? We have zScaler now and it means I'm fully out of my all passwords. That's really big issue for me and as I can see in the thread, for plenty of others as well. Please help.
  2. Hi Abhishek, pls is there any ETA for this issue resolution? And what is expected fix? I mean if you gonna add possibility to custom login button assignment, I would like to ask for option to have also possibility to add more login fields - we have some internal company web pages, where we authorize by mail, employee id and pwd combination.
  3. Thank you Abhishek, the recommended workaround is helpful.
  4. Windows 11 64bit 22H2, Enpass Desktop 6.8.4 (1166), MS Edge 64bit 109.0.1518.61 (official build), Enpass browser extension version 6.8.0. From top of my head, I have problem with this page only. What is surprising, when I fill the credentials manually and hit Enter key, it goes right way. So only the enpass extension from some reason pushes different button.
  5. Hi, I have for some web same issue like described in this topic: Is it possible to fix it for Přihlášení | ČSOB ID (csob.cz) login page ( or could you add option to set custom trigger button for specific site? In my case is pushed the button marked with red, but should push the one marked with green: Thank you
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