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  1. I have no feedback since weeks. This is not cool.
  2. Dear Abhishek, would you mind sending the link to this conversation to your development head or help me get in contact with them, please?
  3. Well, maybe let's take this step by step. Maybe, some kind soul can explain the error-codes Enpass throws up? Is there a repository where I could find an explanation for the error codes or some sort of logical mapping? What is the meaning of 908403 or 906405? Thank you for any help available. cheers!
  4. Seems there is some strong language out there about the implementation of WEBDAV in Enpass...
  5. Ah, yes, Enpass is set to be able to check on the local network on my iDevices. Any news, Abhishek, yet, please?
  6. Dear Abhishek, may we know what your talks have resulted in? Thank you!
  7. I have put this question out to @EnpassApp on Twitter as well. This exchange is a bit ridiculous, as we don't seem to make any headway into the issue at all, and I have already written several polite notices here. It seems to be legit to at least get a clear timeline until when such a small, bullte pointed guideline on how to debug the Enpass/WEBDAV pairing, as it is a recurring issue in all kinds of environments, both in Cloud- and local networking environments.
  8. Look, Abhishek I have invested both time and money to resolve the issues Enpass has (as stated in my initial comment, I went out to buy dedicated hardware as I assumed maybe QNAP were the culprit). I think it is, as a registered user, not too much to ask to get some help on how to troubleshoot the issues. This issue is the reason I went from 1Password to Enpass in the first instance. As explained above. Why can't we have some simple yes/no answer to this question? I understand you are successful in troubleshooting these issues. Never though, do we get to know how. Many people on the internet are in the same situation, and are desperate. Are you cementing your employment by being the only one to do this? What's keeping you from answering the questions?
  9. Hello, dear is there any progress with the small enlightening manual on troubleshooting WEBDAV yet? thanks for coming back soon on the issue! Really appreciated, cheerio
  10. I am increasingly uneasy about this same issue. For now I am managing with a feature that 1Pasword haven't addressed for years in a row no, in spite of me even talking to their CEO about it: local sync. Enpass is actually doing it with a kind of crude solution (having more than one computer makes the process awkward, as you need to disengage at least on device from the "main" vault to sync via WiFi to the other computer and then re-pair it with the main computer. But it at least kind of works locally. I am really irritated that every solution seems to insist on puttin gyour keys to the castle on someone else's computer ("the cloud"). Disclaimer: And I have been promoting privacy-respecting cloud technologies for years, I am not ignorant about it. But I have witnessed pompous CEOs proclaiming their wonderful secure crypto-algos are the bee's knees and being wrecked soon after by breaches. I simply prefer not to put my vaults in the cloud and am flabbergasted over the inability of providers not getting it right in spite of claiming it is no problem. The net is full of folks desperately trying to get their QNAP or Synology solutions to bloody work with Enpass and no answer to be seen anywhere. Obv there are ways of troubleshooting the issues, but it would be sooooo handy to have a small explanation on what to look for. Abishek? Over and out.
  11. Update: tried it with that neat little trick, but to no avail.
  12. Just a small doubt on my end, Abhishek in this forum (hxxps://www.synology-forum.de/threads/webdav-zugriff-einrichten-enpass.106147/) they say the password to access the Webdav should be identical to the vault-password. Is that the case? cheerio
  13. Hello Abhishek, any news about the troubleshooting guidance yet? I realize the net is full with all kinds of people having issues with the pairing of Enpass and WebDav, so something is strangely difficult in the setup - and customers are unprepared for it. Maybe a small general help will be beneficial for all those poor folks? As you have successfully helped various people here on the board, I am turning to you as an assumed expert in the matter. cheerio!
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