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  1. Hello, I always try to avoid the Appstore whenever it's possible and the Appstore doesn't show, that I purchased Enpass. Anyway I tried to update Enpass using the Appstore and that worked howsoever Enpass came on my mac. So everythimgs seems to work now. I thank you for your help!!
  2. Hello, I use version 6.8.5 (1256). I downloaded it from your website. I made another to update yesterday and it didn't word also. Same behavior as described above
  3. Thank you for your answer. What you desribe is what I woul expect. But as you can see, there ist no update bottom in the 'help' menu. And I tried the master password, a password from a second tresor and none of them worked. I even tried an old password that I used one year ago. None of them worked. Only the reinstallation from the timemachine backup library container and then a restart of the mac heped.
  4. Hello, I have the website version of Enpass 6.8.5 on Mac OS 12.6.5 I tried to update Enpass to the new version 6.8.6 today. I could not find an automatic update choice. So I downloaded the new version from the website and installed it. Enpass installed a new version and kept the old (6.8.5) version. So now I had two versions. When I tried to start the new version Enpass could not find the preferences and the tresors. I had to direct Enpass to the backups of the old version. While doing that, Enpasss wanted the backup password. I tried the master password, but Enpass didn't accept ist. So I couldn't open the tresor. To get Enpass running again I had to reinstall the Enpass Container from the library and the old Enpass version from a timemachine backup. Now the old version is working again and I can open the tresors with my master password but it cost me nearly tweo hours of work. Now my questions: Which one is the backup password? Apparently not the master password. Has the Desktop version of Enpass for mac no automatic choice to update to a new version? What did I do wrong while I updated Enpass the way I described above? If I would change to the Appstore version of Enpass, will I have the same problems I had in the update process? Thank you for answers
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