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  1. I also get Enpass freezing during startup. It's during the initial startup phase it seems to happen. I try to wait until everything has loaded fully, then enter my master unlock code. Sometimes it opens up fine, but randomly it can just freeze up, with 'Force Quit' showing in the Dock menu. Force Quitting and relaunching seems to sort it, and it's fine until the next Restart. macOSX 10.12.6 (but it's been happening for a while now). Apple Store version, with iCloud syncing. 289 items stored. Cheers
  2. Pretty similar here, I had been a 1Password user for many years, but found it was getting too pricey if you wanted to add more platforms, and it didn't support Linux (it has done very recently), I also found it reasonably unreliable on some sites. So far, Enpass has been very good for me, easy to use, reliable and fairly priced. I too am not a fan of the subscription model, it might be good for corporate users, but for Joe Average, maybe not so.
  3. I seem to have fixed it now, I had to disconnect and reconnect the whole iCloud account, which seems to have fixed it (although I's given me all kinds of other troubles now having to resyn everything else). Thanks.
  4. For the last couple of versions of Enpass I've not been able to synchronise using iCloud. I am mainly using 1Password at the moment, but want to switch away as I'm preparing for possible future upgrade costs, and/or having to use their subscription model at some point. I've tried multiple times to uninstall and reinstall Enpass, as well as tried various settings in firewalls, all to no avail. Although 1Password does sync fine. Enpass syncs OK using Dropbox, and I can even sync to a folder which is located in the iCloud Documents folder, but I don't want to use Dropbox, and the mobile version won't sync to a folder. When I try to connect to iCloud in Enpass preferences I just get an error 116 - and yes, I have made sure it's selected in iCloud Drive preferences. Any ideas? Cheers Andy.
  5. I found out how to 'workaround' that. It needs at least one item to be selected before creating a new folder after the first one has been created (I can create the first folder without selecting any items). However, selecting one, or a multiple, items allows the creation of new folders, but it doesn't put the items into it, I still have to manually drag them across after it's been created.
  6. Hi, I'm giving Enpass a try out after many years with 1P, Migration was a bit messy, but I got there in the end. However, I'm trying to create a set of folders to manually categorise my collection, but I seem only to be able to create one root level folder, with any subsequent new folders being sub folders of that one. Deselecting it and trying to create a new folder results in nothing happening. The migration process managed to collect all the catergory names from 1P, I see in another post that a request has been made for 'smart' folders. This would definitely be beneficial to those migrating if you could create smart folders to automatically collect all those ready made tags. Cheers.
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