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  1. Yeah, I would really love some feedback from the admins. I'm starting to regret my move from 1Password back to Enpass...and I so want to love Enpass. I've recommended it countless times to friends with multiple operating systems and I really don't want this biting me in the butt.
  2. Hi, I'm running Enpass 5.6.0 (112) and search is painfully slow, especially when using the browser extension. Another thing that bugs me is that it doesn't always pick up on the correct URL. I often need to search for the site I'm on because Enpass doesn't detect it properly. This coupled with slow search makes things difficult to use (and I really want to move away from 1Password, but the speed is killing me). Now, I know this can't be due to the size of my DB because I've only got about 700 items and on iOS it's reasonably fast. While on the topic of search, when enter a search word, Enpass will find the item, but then when I open Enpass again, the previously entered text is still present but the entries aren't selected, so I need to delete a letter and type it again for the search to work.
  3. Hehe, awesome! Happy to hear that. And obviously I'll save those passwords in Enpass, but sure helps to have them generated there too
  4. I'd love to see an option for diceware passphrases in the password generator. A password like crazy-horse-battery is pretty secure and far easier to remember/type then kis-efum-aya-hava-ivid. Now I know you'll say we don't need to remember passwords since Enpass can type them for you, but there are situations when I can't use Enpass to type the password, such as the Enpass Vault, servers, computer logins etc.
  5. Excellent! Looking forward to this then. Cheers,
  6. Hi, I'd like to request you add a new field that could simply be a section header or blank line. This would allow us to better order our entries, creating sections and some whitespace around fields so it doesn't jus seem like 1 long list of fields (view attached example).
  7. Hi, It would be great if Enpass would support multiline text fields other than notes. For example, some apps provide a multiline key/serial with very specific line breaks. If those line breaks aren't respected, the key/Serial is considered invalid. Currently, the only way around this is adding theses keys to the notes field.
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