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  1. alecdwm

    Sync to Folder

    Also would love 'Sync with Folder' on Android. It's the one feature keeping me from buying the app.
  2. To reproduce this bug: 1. Install Google Chrome + the Enpass Password Manage extension 2. Access a Wordpress admin dashboard with an admin account 3. Install the WP Migrate DB Wordpress plugin 4. Go to Tools -> Migrate DB 5. Fill out the form and select 'Save Migration Profile' 6. Type a profile name and click 'Save profile' 7. Go back to Tools -> Migrate DB 8. Select your saved migration profile, you should see something similar to this: 9. Click 'Export & Save' What should happen: The form is submitted as-is What happens: Somehow the Enpass Password Manager Chrome plugin clicks on the 'Create new profile' radio button before the browser submits the form.
  3. Requesting a settings toggle 'Start minimized to tray icon'. When enabled, the Enpass application will not display a window when launched, but will silently add itself to the tray icon area.
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