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  1. Hi, How do I confirm whether I am a PRO or not? I've payed for my copy of the app just to be able to sync with OneDrive (this was the only payed option back then, I think version 4.something). Thanks in advance Rafał
  2. So, I'm not alone. Should I be glad? I've had to switch back to my Lumia 735 recently. Since it had Enpass installed, I've thought the app would sync data from Android phone. How I was surprised when it took only part of the data. Well, is there a workaround yet?
  3. An update there. I've installed Mozilla Thunderbird, to test the issue. Thunderbird does not show these attachments. Web-based email clients do not show them either. So I've done some more testing. The issue is with MS Outlook and Enpass Password Manager UWP. I've uninstalled Enpass password manager and the attachments had shown up as ordinary txt files, containing the plain text of html message (exact copy without formatting). Then I've installed Enpass win32 app, the issue doesn't occur. MS Outlook shows the attachments as txt files. I think now, that there's a problem with file associations, that Enpass UWP or Outlook makes for text files/attachments. EDIT: I've shouldn't jump to the conclusion so fast. First I've restarted my computer, the attachments were shown as text files but after a while those files name extensions changes form txt to enpasscard. So it seems is not associated with Enpass app, but it's Windows issue. Cheers, Rafał
  4. Hi, I've got the same issue here. Here are the details: Android 8.0.0 @ Asus_Z017D (ZenFone 3), Enpass I've been sending the e-mail as a reply via the Gmail app. Yes, there was a signature attached but has not contained any files in it and I didn't intend on attaching an enpass file. As for now, this is the only instance of this behavior. EDIT: I've just checked: It happens at least since the beginning of April. EDIT again: It seems, that the attachments are visible with MS Outlook (I haven't got any other e-mail app, so I can't check it), and I've found them on e-mails back up to June 2017! Guys, there's something really wrong there Cheers, Rafał
  5. So the issue persists on Enpass 5.5.2 and Win 10 official .969. But the workaround does the job. Thanks.
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