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  1. Hi everybody, I have some trouble to reestablish the cloud sync via Nextcloud. After entering the (correct) data, the sync will start and end up in error code 908500 (Someting went wrong during the syncronisation with the cloud). During the sync, 15 files with names like 6d48b266-abcd-1234-WXYZ-81e7e292b213.enpassattach are updated (new timestamp). All entrys of Enpass 5 seems to be there, so its just, that I can not sync to cloud anymore. Any ideas?
  2. Extension issue no longer valid due the availability of v6.
  3. Nope, DNS is fine now. Soooo ... any idea on that extension issue? :)
  4. Hi everybody, I have an issue with my Chrom Extension für Enpass. It demands to access Enpass version 6, which is not out except for Beta-users (which I am not). I use the normal and official extension in the up-to-date version (v.6.0.0 since dec. 27). Same goes for the Enpass Desktop client for Windows (v5.6.19 (5548). Can you please avoid to release browser extensions for beta-client-versions on other than the beta-channel and reverse that change, so us non-beta-users can continue to use the extension?
  5. Hi @Anshu kumar thank you for your help, but it is no longer needed as I will dump Chrome for Vivaldi now, so there is no problem on the brigt side of browsing Greetz, Gabriel
  6. Hi @Anshu kumar My Enpass version is 5.6.19 (5548) AV is Sophos Home, but disabling it does not change a thing. Same goes with all security related extensions like uBlock, HTTPSEverywhere or PrivacyBadger. On Vivaldi, there is no such problem. Nor is it on Firefox (as mentioned above). If there is anything else you need to know, please let me know.
  7. Hi everybody, I am currently playing around with Enpass as a substitue for my beloved KeePass. Unfortrunately, I can not get this thing working in Chrome. If by chance, I am able to lay my eyes on the error message, before the tab is redirected to the Google start page, there is a text about a failed connection to the app and I should have enabled the browser support first in the app. Which I obviously did ... Restarts of Browser, App, both, the whole computer, did not work. Reinstallation of the extension did not work. On Firefox, with ne Native blah blah installed, it works. On MacOS Chrome, it works. Chrome 64bit: 69.0.3497.100 Windows 10: 1803, Build 17134.285 Any ideas?
  8. Hi there, I just downloaded the portable windows version, but I assume, the findings can be found in other version as well. 1. in the passwordgenerator you can select the seperator when using speakable passwords. In german language, the dot (.) is translated with "Zeitraum". Even if the english word "period" means both when translated in german, it means "period of time". So you go better with "Punkt", which is the punctuation. 2. In the "New entry" dialog, you can select TOTP as new field. If doing so by error and deleting that field later on, you can never reenable the field. It is no longer available in the dropdown or in the curstom field selection. 3. Another translation error can be found in the "New Entry" dialog. You can "Save" (-> "Speichern") or "Cancel" (->"Abbrechen"). Both buttons remain in english where as the rest is translated. 4. By default, besides folders, which contains subfolders, there is a little triangle to expand the list. When I click to create a new entry, that symbol change to a + or - (depending on whether it is collapsed or expanded), which is much more uglier (See attached picture). This remains until Enpass is restarted. Lock/Unlock does not work. 5. In the section "Control password", the subitem "Duplicate" would better be "Duplikate" in the german translation, which is the noun of the current "duplizieren" (duplicate in english). If I will find anything more, I will add it to this post
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