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  1. Hey Anshu, Yesterday, I received a new Dell PC running Windows 10 Enterprise from my IT admin and just installed both versions (desktop and UWP) of Enpass on it and I'm having the exact same issue with the UWP version on the PC as I described in my previous post. I wanted to report this just in case you all had not tested for this issue on Windows PCs. This PC is running build 1709 16299.402 Thank you!
  2. I really appreciate you all looking into this! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you test it in the field. I can't use Enpass via Dropbox on my HP Elite X3 until it is resolved, anyway so just let me know! Many thanks!!!
  3. I was not sure where to post this problem that I am having. I have also contacted Dropbox about this issue - Enpass seems to load a Dropbox authentication webpage within it's application but I'm not entirely sure where to turn. I have been using the Enpass app on all of my Windows phones for over a year with no problems. I recently purchased an HP Elite X3 mobile phone and installed Enpass on it last night. I selected Dropbox as the cloud service for storage of my password file data and the app displayed a login webpage generated by Dropbox's cloud service. That webpage lists that recaptcha is the auth service that is used. I entered my login credentials on the page and tapped on the login button and the page just displays a loading icon but nothing else happens after that. I literally left my phone on that page all night and it never finished the login. This morning, I tried several more times but it never loads. When I press the BACK button on my phone, i receive the message "Not able to connect to Dropbox. Please check Internet connectivity." My internet connection is perfectly fine and I even have the Dropbox mobile app installed and logged in on my phone so I really need help troubleshooting this problem. I tested two of the other cloud services from within the app and they both work fine (Box.net and OneDrive). Once again, I have posted this problem in the Dropbox forum, as well. HP Elite X3 OS Build 10.0.152543369
  4. I signed up to request this feature, as well. Looks like folks have been asking for this feature for quite some time and I have been waiting on it for about a year since mSecure's dev team has not been interested in responding to my feature requests. This product dev team and community are much more active by comparison. So, Enpass, are you all getting close to implementing this feature in Beta?
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