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  1. Any news about this? A working 1P import is vital for me to finally switch to Enpass and probably considerably more important than favicons... Patrick
  2. Hi! Could you please give me a brief update on the 1Password import, especially it is actually being worked on. As far as I can see the recent password history, the date of the last password change and the group headers are not imported. PatrickR
  3. Any news on this? Really eager to switch to Enpass but manually migrating is out of the question. Patrick
  4. Hi! I'd also be glad if the 1Password import could be fixed. I just tested the new beta which solved some of the import problems. However, attachments, the modification date and the password history are completely ignored. In addition, intelligent folders are converted to empty tags. Patrick
  5. The introduction of Quick Unlock by TouchID is a huge step forward for the usability of Enpass. However, in my opinion the promised perfect balance between convenience and security is still unmet due to the lack of a critical part: TouchID timeout. TouchID is not 100% secure as demontrated by security researchers who were e. g. able to replicate working fingerprints for TouchID. The logical consequence would be to disable TouchID in Enpass completely. However, this would not only eliminate the convenience benefit but also increase the risk of shoulder surfing. The solution is an adjustable timeout deciding whether TouchID will unlock Enpass or if the master password is required. In my current password manager*, I set it to one hour which is the perfect security/convenience tradeoff in my use cases. Patrick * TouchID timeout ist the missing feature that kept me fromswitching to Enpass.
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