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  1. same problem on Android 10 (when the app is closed manually) - that is annoying please change for android 9 + 10. it should work like on Windows-PC, Apple and Android 7 !! Thx
  2. since version 6 the automatic login does not work on any of my devices. i use the latest valid enpass versions everywhere (windows 10, ios, android). the auto-login parameter is enabled everywhere !! currently version 6 doesn't convince me. i hope the elementary bugs will be fixed soon.
  3. hi surprisingly, sync works today
  4. hi no sync since some weeks. sync is ok on all other devices (windows desktop, ios iPad + iPhone), except Android 7.0 dropbox (36.4.22) sync to samsung a5 (2016) with enpass-vers. 5.5.9 disconneted all devices and connected new - no change trys sync always, but no sync will be done (though data has changed)
  5. thanks for answer i thought so. i'm no IT-man and read in forum about the problems with webdev. i will try it
  6. please insert MagentaCloud for sync thx
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