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  1. Hi, I have hit the issue with Dropbox free account allowing limited device logins so I have changed to Apple icloud syncing. This has worked fine on my ios devices but in Win 10 PC I have had problems. When I go to setup my Win 10 to change sync it attempts to use icloud but gets stuck on "Signing In..." by Apple with its cloudkit in the browser. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Hi, with Autofill in iOS, Enpass neeed another feature to fully take advantage. When you are on a website or service you already use but haven’t used the website login address in your Enpass record, Enpass should offer the user the ability to append this field to an existing record. Unless I am missing something, I currently have to manually put in the name to pull up my record and then it will fill in the user ID and pwd, but I don’t want to manually type in the name every time. At the end of having Enpass submit the identity fields the app should ask the user whether he/she would like to append this data field to an existing record (for completeness). Justin
  3. Hi, I am using ios12 and its not there (the linkage to Enpass). Is it because you haven't released Enpass 6? If so, when will that be?
  4. I have encountered the same lack of consistency in strength rating between Win10 and IOS. I assume the developer hasn't calibrated the code that determines strength between the different builds - a bit sloppy if that's the case
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