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  1. I got Beta from Windows Store. Now I'm about to get the android beta version so that I can be able to sync between both. How will this beta follow up? Will all my recently added data continue to exist once we move out of beta? (I very much hope so). Will I ever need to install Epass 6 stable version or will it be pushed as an update?
  2. The picture is what I get when I try to buy the features. If I can't buy them or try them then why am I being forced to update to it? This was a premature rush to get people to update. When I signed for a Beta I expected to be prompted to use a secondary client (like every Beta works). Believe me, I love your product but this is unfortunate. I was also advised not to move all my passwords to the beta since it was not 100% ready. I thought that this forced update was official(because it overrides previous version). I don't remember reading BETA when I updated my main client. Also WHY do I come here and read all sorts of IMPORTANT NOTES FROM DEVELOPERS: (Must save a BACKUP:, Installation NOTES,Sync incompatibility,Browser extension incompatibility:. What about displaying this before forcing people to update. This is ridiculous.
  3. Hi, I've been using enpass for over a year and I love it. I've been recently trying to switch to M.Edge. I installed the app Enpass Password Manager (EPM) and also the Extension for Microsoft Edge. I also have the windows regular Enpass. So technically I have two instances of Enpass. Regular Enpass doesn't work with Edge Enpass Password Manager (EPM) DOES work with Edge. Since I'm trying to ditch one of the two instances. Shouldn't EPM work with chrome and other browsers ? If it does, why am I incapable of getting it to work? Everything is set up in the correct way. I've got 3 pc's running my Enpass account.
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