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  1. Hi. It's been a while. I had abandoned the issue for a while. However I reinstalled Enpass on the mac via the link you sent. And it seems syncing now well via my serever between the Mac and the Windows desktop. Thanks.
  2. Hi Garima, Thank you. I will try your solution. But it 'll tae a few days, because it is too busy now. I will let yoy know if it works. Kind regards, Léon
  3. Hi Garima, Thank you. I will try your solution. But it 'll tae a few days, because it is too busy now. I will let yoy know if it works. Kind regards, Léon
  4. Hi Garima, I downloaded the 6.5.2. (724) version from microsoftstore. And was able to restore my data from the back up (windows). So the issue is solved. However there is still another issue. I also installed the newest Enpass version from Apple store on my wifes new MacAir. When I try to restore the data from the same back up on my server, it says my masterpassword is not correct. I checked and double checked. But the master password I used is the right one. Do you have any clues? Thank you. And a happy new year. Léon
  5. I have a similar problem. I have enpass on my windows laptop. The back up and sync files are on a synology server. I am installing my wifes new MacAir and want to install enpass there too and get the files by restoring a back up file from my server. In the end it asks for the masterpassword. Which I entered. It says the password is not correct. I checked several times. But I used the correct masterpassword. On my windows is still the enpass v 6.4.2. The enpass on the Mac I just downloaded from the app store. Soi it will be a higher version. However my windows app doesn't update for unknown reasons. I posted another question about that a while ago. However: how is it possible my masterpassword is not recognised? And what is the solution?
  6. No. I am using enpass v6.4.2 (669). I couldn't update. Since it says 'no internetconnection'. But I checked and double checked. My connection is working.
  7. Hi Pratyush Sharma, Merry Christmas! Sorry for my late reply. I am using Norton 360 antivirus. And also the Norton Firewall. What do you mean by 'proxy'? Where can I find that information? Léon
  8. When I open the Enpass on my windows 10 laptop it asks me to update to the version. When I try to, it doesn't update. And I get the message: no internet connection. However: my internet connection is working properly. It is there for a while. So I have no updates for a while, which I think is not good. Any suggestions? Tnx.
  9. @IrmaIsfotYour correct. There is an é in my username there.
  10. I installed the version from the website and was able to restore the back up file. It works well now. So it seems to be an issue with the windows store version.
  11. I have the same problem. Yesterday it worked well. Today all my data were gone. When restoring back up I got message 'internal error 995'. I installed the app again, but still the same. Trying to register as a new user gives the message: Vault locatoin cannot be found change to default location. When I push the 'default location button' I get back to the restore screen. Any clues? My device is a laptop. Windows 10 pro x64. I have no 'non-english' characters in my username. On the apple laptop of my wife it still works fine.
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