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  1. Hi I finally found the time to respond. I actually got a response from Anshu via pm back then. He offered me to investigate my problem (as it was connected to other issues) via Skype but I didn't manage to get time for that. However, i own a NAS server which supports webdav so I'm using that. It is actually the better solution for me as I wanted to get away from Dropbox anyway. I'll follow this thread though because I'm curious if anyone can find a solution.
  2. Hey. I don't know if this has been addressed yet, but i'm having the exact same issue right now. I'm also very interested in Enpass supporting dark themes ! Would be great. Cheers
  3. Uhh.. since it seems (by looking at who is following this topic) maybe i should mention you, @Anshu kumar ? Sorry for bumping.
  4. Hello and thanks for the reply I'm using the OnePlus Two with Oxygen 3.5.8 which is Android Version 6.0.1. I'm primarily using Dropbox as my Cloud Service, but also Google Drive. Both didnt work. When i initiate the sync it takes forever. Also the App is telling me that it has "Problems with syncing" with error code 119 . There exists an sync_default.walltex in an Enpass folder, but it dates back to 16th of May 2016 ( wtf) although i'm using Dropbox for syncing on the Enpass desktop version (windows and Linux). It is working there. I once synced via Google Drive on the Desktop version, so there is also an Enpass Folder. But this one dates back to when i synced with Gdrive. (I could try to always sync with Gdrive on the desktop version and let my phone use a file which is synced with the gdrive app as an workaround.) I hope i could give you what you need Have a nice day ps: I tried to provide app screenshots, but unfortunately the app prevented it. ( Great feature actually)
  5. This is awkward, but it works now. I needed to restart my system and it worked afterwards. Sorry for that.
  6. Hi guys. Syncing to google drive and dropbox is failing after a certain point. I get to the autorization site, log in, accept and back then to enpass it tells me that it cant connect to dropbox /gdrive. I also dont have a firewall up running. I have a fresh install of Manjaro 17 (Mate) . On my previous installation (Using xfce) enpass was working fine though. Do you need some additional info though?
  7. Hi guys. I have problems with syncing on the android app. I already tried to delete the app data and cache, but it didnt work. What can i do to provide some helpful information though? Thanks, Sarimon
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