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  1. Hi I finally found the time to respond.

    I actually got a response from Anshu via pm back then. He offered me to investigate my problem (as it was connected to other issues) via Skype but I didn't manage to get time for that. However, i own  a NAS server which supports webdav so I'm using that. It is actually the better solution for me as I wanted to get away from Dropbox anyway. 

    I'll follow this thread though because I'm curious if anyone can find a solution. 

  2. Hello and thanks for the reply :)
    I'm using the OnePlus Two with Oxygen  3.5.8 which is Android  Version 6.0.1.

    I'm primarily using Dropbox as my Cloud Service, but also Google Drive. Both didnt work. When i initiate the sync it takes forever. Also the App is telling me that it has "Problems with syncing"  with  error code 119 . There exists an sync_default.walltex in an Enpass folder, but it dates back to 16th of May 2016 ( wtf) although i'm using Dropbox for syncing on the Enpass desktop version (windows and Linux). It is working there.

    I once synced via Google Drive on the Desktop version, so there is also an Enpass Folder. But this one dates back to when i synced with Gdrive. (I could try to always sync with Gdrive on the desktop  version and let my phone use a file which is synced with the gdrive app as an workaround.)


    I hope i could give you what you need  :) Have a nice day :) 

    ps: I tried to provide app screenshots, but unfortunately the app prevented it. ( Great feature actually)

  3. Hi guys. Syncing to google drive and dropbox is failing after a certain point. I get to the autorization site, log in, accept and back then to enpass it tells me that it cant connect to dropbox /gdrive.  I also dont have a firewall up running. I have a fresh install of Manjaro 17 (Mate) . On my previous installation (Using xfce) enpass was working fine though.

    Do you need some additional info though?

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