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  1. Ok, I managed to connect. The name and file type of the vault changed. It used to be 'sync_default.walletx' and it is now 'vault.enpassdbsync'. Just manually download and import your old database and set up a new sync instead of trying to connect to an existing one. Would have been nice if this was communicated clearly in the install process.
  2. I also couldn't connect to my custom owncloud with webdav as I was used to do with 5. It seems to accept my account and password, but then says it couldn't find the Enpass safe. I suppose it is looking in a different place than before. I had to download the Enpass vault and import it manually. Haven't figured out how to make the WebDAV connection yet.
  3. I would like to second this. I'm also trying out Firefox Nightly (57) and it's great. It shouldn't be too difficult to port the Chrome extension to Firefox as the WebExtension API is based on the one for Chrome and Opera. I'm on Fedora 26 with Firefox 57.0a1 (2017-08-06) (64-bits), Enpass 5.5.6 and Enpass Add-on 5.4.3.
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