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  1. Hello, I'm sorry if I am hijacking this issue, but lately I have constant crashes for the Enpass app on an Ubuntu-based GNOME distro (Pop!_OS). The crash always happens when I try to open one entry for an account or use the search box. If I wait long enough eventually the details for an account are rendered, but are glitching out (UI elements are radially moving outwards). I'll try if I can get debug logs going and make video's of the visual glitches.
  2. I would like to second this. I'm also trying out Firefox Nightly (57) and it's great. It shouldn't be too difficult to port the Chrome extension to Firefox as the WebExtension API is based on the one for Chrome and Opera. I'm on Fedora 26 with Firefox 57.0a1 (2017-08-06) (64-bits), Enpass 5.5.6 and Enpass Add-on 5.4.3.
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