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  1. Hi @Akash Vyas Thank you for this answer. Your trick has solved my problem. I'm hoping it was an error from my side. If you need more information or anything to work on this issue, don't hesitate. Cheers
  2. Hi, Since yesterday my Enpass data can't synchronize with my Dropbox account (on Linux Desktop and on my both android devices) (see my attachment). It is odd because I've never changed my masterpassword. Or is it another one? I read this page but it didn't help me at all. Why is it asking for a password after couple of year of use ? Thank you for you answer and your fine work
  3. Hi everyone, First of all, great job with Enpass. Keep going like that! I'm not sure if creating a topic for this is the good solution. Well, I'm using the Android App on a french phone and when I successfully unlock my Enpass, the word "Unlocked" is translated "Déverrouilleé". It should be "Déverrouillée" instead. Have a good day
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