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  1. Thanks so much. Again, let me know if I can help with any info. BTW, I love ver 6.0. The interface looks nicer and the new features are great. You also did an awesome job with adding functionality to the Generate Password feature. Oh, one more thing... I can't seem to find the Password History for each entry anymore. Did you hide it or get rid of it? Haha, maybe I was the only one that used it??
  2. Hi, I've been an enpass user for about a year and a half. Love it. Still my favorite password manager. I just upgraded to ver 6.0 and everything seems normal for me except the feature where Enpass detects when you change an existing password on a host site (e.g. comcast). What's happening is that Enpass is correctly detecting that I have updated the password on the host site and pops up a box that asks if I want to update existing password or create a new one and also lists the name of the item. When I click update existing password, I notice that it does NOT update the correct item, but rather it updates the PREVIOUS ENTRY I edited. Again, Enpass seems to be updating the previous item vs the item I asked it to update. This has happened 3 times already as I am updating some old passwords on a few different sites. Updating the wrong password items is a pretty big issue. Let me know if this is a known issue or if you need some additional info to help you recreate this problem. Thanks - Stephanie
  3. I am a new Enpass user (bought it yesterday). I have used Dashlane a little but primarily had used an Offline password manager for better security. On my phone I would have a separate program where I would only keep passwords I needed on the go. It became more of a pain to keep everything updated. In Enpass, I still am very wary of the cloud sync feature but would like to have certain passwords sync to my phone. Ideally, I could select which passwords I'd like to include in the sync for any given device. For example, I could keep my banking & financial info on my laptop that stays primarily in my house and choose to sync shopping passwords to my phone. To get around this temporarily in Enpass, I engaged the sync, got everything on my phone, then disabled the sync, removed the enpass folder from the cloud and then manually deleted the sensitive passwords from my phone. This is easier than what I was doing before but is still not ideal. The value of a selective sync is there would be less sensitive info on the cloud that I don't need on my phone or other devices. It would minimize the severity of any potential data breach if your most sensitive password are not part of the sync. Is that possible? Even an option to sync just a folder would work.
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