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  1. Something like that was already suggested here: But: I'd like a feature like this as well.
  2. Hi again and sorry for the delay This just happened again. Which version (Website or App Store) of Enpass are you using? - Website Which keyboard layout are you using? - German Layout What is your preferred language in Enpass? - German Are you using any special characters in your Master Password and have you changed the default location (User document folder) on your PC? - No, no special Chars and Location is not changed To fix this i stopped enpass, deleted the settings and after starting again i synced them back using Google Drive. One thing though - i've recently switched from Google Drive to the new "Backup & Sync"-Client from google - may this be the cause? And one other: Is there a debugging-option to generate some Logfile for you to analyze? ^^
  3. Hi, i'm running Enpass here on multiple devices. Today i've experiencd the following Problem with 5.5.6: On WIndows 10, Enpass didn't accept my Master password. Tried it on other devices -> worked, typed in password in Notepad, worked. Stopped Enpass, deleted local database, resynced with GDrive -> working again. What could've caused that and how can i debug this if it happens the next time?
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