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  1. I am interested in Enpass for Chromebook but I'm curious as to why there is a cost associated with it? Also, aside from the initial announcement about Chromebook support, Enpass seems to have lost interest in it because it still appears to be in beta with no updates. Considering Enpass is the only password manager to work with Chromebook you think you'd make it a priority.  

  2. I like Enpass and the fact that you include a changelog with each release, but can you please include the date of the release with each update of Enpass so we and potential customers can see that Enpass is indeed being actively developed. This will encourage more users to use your product because to be honest the fact I had to ask if windows universal was being developed because no time stamp was included with the changelog, it made it very discouraging.

    Please let me know your thoughts and if this is something your willing to do.


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