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  1. I'll believe it when I see it.eWallet's password manager has supported this feature for years.
  2. Of course you dont't given the fact they are one of the most secure cloud service providers.
  3. Can we please get wifi sync support just like ewallet has for those of us who don't want our data in the cloud?
  4. Can we please get mega.nz support?
  5. If you can't get a credit card buy a Google Play Store gift card.
  6. The download page also doesn't include the Enpass Chromebook. Can you please also include that?
  7. The download page doesn't include Windows Universal. Can you please update the page to include it so we have a changelog just like the other versions do?
  8. I have tried everything to get the edge extension to work with Enpass Desktop with no luck. The icon appears in the edge browser and is enabled in Enpass desktop but when I click the Enpass extension in the edge browser, nothing happens. I have followed all steps included in the readme.file. Any help would be great. Thanks
  9. I am interested in Enpass for Chromebook but I'm curious as to why there is a cost associated with it? Also, aside from the initial announcement about Chromebook support, Enpass seems to have lost interest in it because it still appears to be in beta with no updates. Considering Enpass is the only password manager to work with Chromebook you think you'd make it a priority.
  10. I like Enpass and the fact that you include a changelog with each release, but can you please include the date of the release with each update of Enpass so we and potential customers can see that Enpass is indeed being actively developed. This will encourage more users to use your product because to be honest the fact I had to ask if windows universal was being developed because no time stamp was included with the changelog, it made it very discouraging. Please let me know your thoughts and if this is something your willing to do. Thanks
  11. Why isn't this also being developed for windows universal? Windows universal is miles behind the desktop version. It not fair for us paying members let me know
  12. I am interested in downloading a copy of Enpass for Chromebook but it says it only a trial. So how much is the cost for Enpass for Chromebook? And why isn't it free?
  13. I am interested in Windows 10 universal but was wondering what limitations it has over the regular desktop version?
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