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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Enpassians! With the recently released Enpass Beta 5.4.4, your wait for Enpass app for Google Chromebook is now over. We have also released a Enpass browser extension 'Chromebook Connector for Enpass', which is specially designed to work with Chrome browser in Chromebook. It will definitely enhance your browsing experience by autofilling all your usernames, passwords and credit cards on the web pages you browse in Chrome browser in Chromebook. For that you need to install a browser extension Chromebook Connector for Enpass from Chrome Web Store. For any help regarding autofilling in Chromebook, have a look at user manual. NOTE: The list of Chromebook that supports Android Apps is available here. The complete change-log of Beta v5.4.4 is: * Introducing Enpass for Chromebook. For Autofilling in Chrome browser of Chromebook, you will need to install browser extension "Chromebook connector for Enpass". * Folder sync : Now you can sync your Enpass keychain locally to any folder on your device. * A quick setup page to enable Fingerprint, Cloud sync and get started with sample items. * Now user can choose any folder to backup Enpass data & restore it. * Improved selective field sharing. * Compatibility improvements for Android N. * Minor bug fixes. This is a Beta and there might be some bugs to frustrate you. Please release all your frustration here by reporting them. Cheers!!!
  2. I have an HP Chromebook (running OS 77.0.3865.93) which is several years old. It doesn't support PlayStore, just the Chrome store. That means I can't convince the 'book to install the Enpass app Beta locally, even though the Chrome browser extension does install just fine. So I installed the extension. When I hit my Enpass hotkey in Chrome, then Enpass asks me to connect to a server, looking for an IP and Port. Given that I have my Enpass locker attached to my Google Drive, is there a magic formula to put into the IP/Port fields and let Enpass connect? If this is covered somewhere in the docs or in these forums, I apologize but I can't see it. Any pointers, or even just "too bad, buy a newer Chromebook" final answer, would be appreciated.
  3. I am interested in downloading a copy of Enpass for Chromebook but it says it only a trial. So how much is the cost for Enpass for Chromebook? And why isn't it free?
  4. I've been evaluating Enpass, and last night managed to get the Android app working via ARC on my Chromebook. It works flawlessly and syncs to my Webdav as hoped, so I also have the same password DB accessible on my Android tablet too. My purchasing question is, before I pull the trigger, if I purchase the app via In-App Purchase on my Android tablet, will the version installed (side-loaded, not directly installed from the Play Store) on my Chromebook also be recognized as the 'Pro Version' too? Note that I tried, but In-App Payments does not work from within the app installed on the Chromebook. Anyone tried this?
  5. I just recently purchased a chromebook and I would really like to be able to access my password manager... Sadly I cannot find a way to get to my passwords on my chromebook
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