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  1. So now I try clicked on Register and after used same email address ... and upf ... now it works :-)
  2. Please, now I upgraded Enpass on windows store, and now I see bar in Enpass that I must activate it. I own on phone and windows Enpass Pro. When I clicked on activation bar and click on login and wrote my email address on which I bought Enpass +- year back so I see red error message. So I must again registred or what?!
  3. Guys please in Enpass 5.x.x I always using browser extension that filter passwords on any website via URL. But now when we have installed last version Enpass 6 from microsoft store, and again bought, so here when we click in browser enpass extension so here is filtering only "most used, name, time,.." but via url in saved password not. Exist any method how this enable please?
  4. Guys in time Enpass5 I bought windows store version. But with Enpass6 I maybe must paid money again - ok, but before I send money I need know one big information. If I first install on my laptop version downloaded from enpass.io website, and via app-in I bought Enpass6, And after I uninstall this version and install version downloaded from microsoft store, will be my purchased still works? Or on desktop pc with windows must people bought this application TWICE, if will be using short time application downloaded from your website enpass.io and after will be installed version from microsoft store? AND ONE ADDITIONAL QUESTION: how works, if I will be reinstalling windows, via which login enpass team found that I paid? via my enpass account? my enpass account with my email ... or how this works please?
  5. But when I open microsoft store, app enpass, so here is button only download/install. Not exist button buy. :-/
  6. Today you released new version 6. So, after longer time I want test my bought version enpass via microsoft store. So I completly uninstall version 5 desktop version. After login into Microsoft Store with my account, and here I download lst version Enpass. But after open Enpass6 and setup onedrive, so in application settings when I click on premium function -> "restore purchase" so I see some strange red text with error. But I owned in microsoft store enpass license, I bought it +- one year back (when was last version 5.x.x) So what now? This is bug? Or all people must with version 6 again buy it? - Additional information: on PC when I this tested, so into Microsoft Windows is set different microsoft account, and into Microsoft Store is set my microsoft account. Cannot be this problem? That into "MicrosoftWindows" as user account is used different, and into "MicrosoftStore" is used my?
  7. Guys please is in this beta version works without any problem OneDrive Sync? I tested first testing release Enpass6, and OneDrive Sync not worked, so I switch back on last stable release Enpass5.
  8. Guys from Enpass team please can you give me one answer on my question, on notebook Surface Book 2 15inch, is better install traditional version 5.6.5 or windows desktop bridge version 5.6.6? What is different? On desktop pc i have installed traditional version, on tablet I have uwp but I not know what is best on this hybrid tablet/o/notebook What have "bridge version" as pros or cons? I need only know, what give bridge version more, than traditional version and what haven't bridge version, than traditional version. Additional question: maybe novice question, last few days I see in dowload tab bridge version link on file "EnpassNMHost.exe", what is this file please?
  9. Nobody know right download link on version 5.6.5?
  10. Guys few minutes back I upgrade enpass on newest version v5.6.5. But on second pc, where we want install fresh installation Enpass we cannot - because on download page where is wrote v5.6.5 is still for download older version. Know someone link for download v5.6.5? :-)
  11. Guys now we try Firefox 57 Beta after many months, because mozilla start something doing with speed etc. So we want test if we can/want migrate from Chrome to Firefox - when will be final version fírefox57 out. But now when we install Firefox 57 Beta and want install Enpass browser extension .. so we see only error message with text that enpadd extension not be compatible. Will be Enpass extension ready when will be out public release F57?
  12. Hi, is here some chance that will be in future for UWPversion chrome extension too? Or on 100 percent no?
  13. Hi, I support enpass and I bought from android store and from windows store. On OnePlus 3 and now OP5 I using android app, but on my notebook HP Spectre I must using still normal desktop app because this is only one version which support extension in browsers. but UWP which I have installed too support best login ..Windows Hello :-) Please why you not release standart version which support Hello? you cannot or not want or what is problem please? :-) Thanks for answer.
  14. Today I receive into company two Surface Pro 4. So is better on surface install automatical universal version? Because this tablet have standart windows version (x86x64) so we can install both and now I not know what is maybe better :-)
  15. Some info about Android Enpass Keyboard feature "long press spacebar" for switch keyboards same as gboard? Only I, have with this a bad experience? Do not tell me, that there are not multiple users, who would appreciated this feature. :-)
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