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  1. It just happens randomly on all my devices since I’ve switched to OneDrive. I was just wondering if you are aware of any issues with OneDrive. I'm thinking about trying WiFi sync instead of cloud sync. I’ll see how that works out. Thank you.
  2. Hi! 1. I noticed that Enpass is not in sync so I pressed the Sync icon manually, then the error comes up that I'm trying to sync different databases and I have to fix it by merging. 2. Windows 11 22H2/Enpass 6.8.3 (1152), Android 11/Enpass iPadOS 15.6.1/Enpass 6.8.3 (667) 3. It doesn't happen on all devices at the same time though. I may try that if it starts happening more often. I may try WiFi sync too instead of cloud.
  3. Hi all. For years I've been synchronizing Epass to Dropbox and I had very few problems. I switched to OneDrive few weeks ago and every few days days I get errors on Windows 10/11, iOS and Android that there is a problem syncing, "looks like you're trying to sync two different databases" and I have to merge. There is always a difference of one entry. I realize by now that OneDrive is way inferior to Dropbox in every way on every OS but I'm trying to save few bucks since it's included with my Office subscription. OneDrive doesn't even work well on Windows, and iOS and Android synchronization is problematic and it's basically unusable on a Mac right now. Is this a known problem with Enpass and OneDrive? Am I risking database corruption by syncing to OneDrive? Should I sync back to Dropbox? Thanks!
  4. The thing is that it worked fine until Dropbox and/or Enpass was updated. Anyway, I use a hot spot to sync from time to time.
  5. Hi, it's updated to the latest version. This has something to do with the way Enpass communicates with Dropbox. It works at home but not at work with a firewall.
  6. OMG! I figured it out. It's the firewall at work. After the update, something has changed in the way Enpass communicates with Dropbox that is now blocked by the firewall!
  7. OMG! I figured it out. It's the firewall at work. After the update, something has changed in the way Enpass communicates with Dropbox that is now blocked by the firewall!
  8. Enpass no longer syncs with Dropbox after Dropbox and Enpass update on my iPhone. Same happens on my Mac. Same message, same error number. Please help, this is really bad. Please see:
  9. GUYS - THIS IS A DISASTER! The same now happens on my iPhone after upgrading Dropbox and Enpass!!! Same message, same error - see the original post.
  10. FYI: It connect and sync with OneDrive just fine, but that's not what I want to do.
  11. Hi I'm not sure I understand. This doesn't work as Enpass app is already opened when web browser window opens and copying the URL doesn't do anything. It's Mac OS 10.13.6 Enpass app is 6.3.0 (574) - I just updated yesterday but this started happening before the update. Thank you.
  12. Changing the default web browser didn't help. Also, there was an Enpass update in the App Store today but that didn't make any difference. Does Enpass have any tech support? I'm sort of screwed without sync.
  13. Thank you. I will try that. Although, this is too much of a coincidence that this happened on the same day Dropbox was upgraded.
  14. Hi, No, reconnecting doesn't work. Dropbox page says Authorization is finished and it redirects to Enpass app and nothing happens, Enpass app just sits there spinning. I restarted the computer. BTW, this is is happening only on one of my computers, my Mac at work. My Mac and PC at home don't have this problem. Thank you.
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