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  1. On 3/5/2019 at 4:00 PM, BrigoNortensson said:

    [...] The only feature that Enpass got right that no other password manager did was Webdav syncing. If 1Password had this, I would never have switched to Enpass. [...]

    Same for me. For now I'm checking the new bug discussions in the forum but I'm not willing waiting for Enpass any longer. I have switched to Safeincloud using Webdav there. It has not as many features but the ones it has are stable....

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  2. Since the import for 1Password does currently not work with Windows (see separate Topic) I have exported all 1Password entries on Mac using 1PIF file.

    The first impression was good - even attachements were imported.

    The second look was disillusioning as the majority of login entries do not have URLs (this concerns approx 300 of 340 entries). It seems the 1PW "URL" is not always correctly mapped to the "Website" field in Enpass.

    I tried to export single items to exclude an issue with the total amount of exported entries, but the issue can be reproduced too.

    So import is not trustable at the moment.

  3. Hi Enpass-Team

    this is very much related to the recent post "Roadmap request".

    I'm pretty sure many people appreciate the effort making a good tool.
    But I fully agree with Vargo that Enpass can be only successful in a professional environment, if certain aspects are met:

    • Roadmap reliability (When to expect release for a specific platform? What will be the content). Just saying: "It's done when it's done"  is not enough.
    • Company reliability (all said by Vargo above) - Just to repeat with my words: I'm quite nervous to use Enpass in my business after paying the mobile software once not knowing, if you still work on bug fixes and enhancements next month.
    • Transparency (e.g. What is your strategy in general?)
    • Security / Trust (e.g. Audit was discussed several times)

    Again, for private purpose the current situation might be sufficient - but for a business environment the next step needs to be done.

    I hope, we could make our point.


  4. The beta of Enpass 6 obviously has a very high energy consumption. Even if the software runs in the background, the application is displayed accordingly in MacOS. In addition, according to the activity display, the setting "Requires a high-performance CPU" is set to "YES". This should be solved urgently (not the display, but the underlying behavior of the app).

  5. Hello Enpass,

    can you please draw a (high-level) roadmap for your product?

    Looking into existing discussions, version 6 is discussed quite a long time. A beta version for free desktop is available already, other platforms are outstanding.

    What I'm looking for  (and I'm pretty sure many other users too) is a rough deadline till a final version of V6 is released.

    Other helpful information are: Will it be released for all platforms at the same time? How many beta cycles are expected?

    Such an information would help a lot for own rollout plans.



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  6. Hi Akash,

    thanks for your quick reply.

    Not having an import of attachments is not a showstopper. But I realized the 200kb limitation for attachments, which is bad. 

    I have > 400 items to migrate and many of them have attachments. This takes a while already. But I'm not willing at the moment to resize attachments (and I can't for some anyway). Since you plan to change the way of storing attachments with the next big release, I will wait for it. Apart from this limitation Enpass seems to be a very good 1PW alternative  to me.

    Is there already an ETA for the next big release?


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