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  1. Credit card form change Credit card number and CVC are not number fields, this makes it a little harder to enter a card number on the mobile app.
  2. I doubt they CAN do this. SQL Cipher is a way to encrypt a whole database with one key. Multiple users means multiple keys. The SQLite database would need to be encrypted with a public key. They spent a lot of time switching to SQL Cipher, I don't see them throwing it all away for one (very cool) feature.
  3. Import was a bit of a mess for me. As far as I can tell, there is no form fill function to enpass. Import did not copy the names the right way (they are all no Title and have a field called Name that is what it used to be called.) Notes and passwords are all put in the import folder. I wanted to scream when I saw everything was unnamed. I'm hoping to find a back-end to the sql database so I can fix some of this stuff.
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