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  1. I am in a situation where the email account I used to register for 'Pro' is being discarded. Is there a way I can transfer this?
  2. Acumatica ERP is a fully web-based ERP, used in a browser. When Enpass is enabled, it makes certain fields nearly impossible to use. For instance, a combobox / dropdown won't expand or a textbox won't focus. Sometimes this is fixed by refreshing the page, but other times nothing helps. Disabling the extension for Chrome or Edge resolves the issues immediately.
  3. This is probably going to be a very obscure issue, but I'll report it anyway. When using the Acumatica ERP, pressing the ENTER key within the web app causes the browser to freeze. This is only the case when the Enpass extension is active. This is true for both Chrome and the new Edge browser. The browser will report the page being unresponsive and give options to Exit or Wait. If I exit and reload, the page is fine until I forget to avoid pressing ENTER. This seems like a fairly specific issue, but Acumatica can't be the only web app with this issue.
  4. I also have an issue with the hostname matching. I absolutely love the soft match ability (which is something some other password managers **cough** Passwordstate could learn from), but I would like the ability to specify on the record itself to do hard matching. For instance, I want soft matching on all the records except three. I want the ability to make just a few records hard match so that I can quickly fill several stored passwords for work, all at the same core domain.
  5. Another way of slicing this would be to have an input mask of some kind for numbers usually broken up, such as credit cards and SSNs.
  6. It's been a 1 year and 5 days since my previous post. How much longer do we need to wait? This is very straightforward functionality that could be useful in so many ways. We don't need template fields or anything like that. Just give us the option to add a linked item field, name it what we want, and be done! Edit: Oh, yes. Please?
  7. Sharing Enpass data used to be possible. Syncing to G Drive was achieved by storing a 'walletx' file in an 'Enpass' folder. This folder could be shared to other G Drive users, added to their own Drives, and then synced back down on their devices. With the update to Enpass 6, this is no longer possible, because Enpass stores the data as App data, hidden and unshareable. This is a huge deal to me. I don't want to have to add my Google account to my wife's phone in order to give her access.
  8. This is true, but you are still required to enter your password the first time after power up. I would like to be able to use ONLY my fingerprint.
  9. I would like to be able to enter my credit cards, and then link them as payment methods to the other entries I have. That way, if I lose a card an need to update my info, I know all the places I need to update simply by looking in Enpass. I am currently just entering the payment method as plain text, but if I could link it somehow, that would be awesome.
  10. Many people have requested the ability to access multiple vaults. My request is different. I suggest allowing multiple people to log into the same vault with their own credentials. Passwords could be placed in different access levels, or possibly folders, which only users with that level of access could see. I work in IT, and we have many many passwords to remember for all the network hardware, internet accounts, etc. Certain passwords, like onsite hardware, most of the IT personnel should have, while online accounts for purchases, etc, should be restricted to certain users. But the users should be able to update the passwords in one place and have them updated for all other users. This would remove the frustration of remembering which password is in which vault, or remembering to update the same password in multiple places. Sharing folders with other users would also be nice. I have people in my life that I would like to share some passwords with, but not all.
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