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  1. I came over to enpass.io from DataValut, and DataVault had a great feature to "copy without spaces". E.g. if you have your bank card number in DataVault, "1234 5678 9901 1123", "Copy without spaces" would copy "1234567899011123" into the clipboard instead of "1234 5678 9901 1123". This was fantastic as it kept numbers more human-readable in DataVault, but allowed them to be keyed without spaces as is required by many sites. Can this be added to enpass.io?
  2. I just tried creating a password since the upgrade, and also noticed this new limitation. "Two word pronounceable password will be extremely weak" is an assumption being made by Enpass, if users need a two word pronounceable password, that should be their choice (and assumption of risk). Personally, I do need this feature. At the very least, there should be an option in settings to set the minimum number of words for pronounceable passwords with a default of "3"; this will let users tweak the generator to their needs.
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