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  1. Thx to Tina and to Global2: Finally found that Firefox Klar blocked my Safari on my iPhone. Strange, because on my iPad it doesn't. Now Enpass syncs again with my Dropbox using Win 10 Desktop, iPad and iPhone App. Thx for support and postings.
  2. Content blocker uninstalled, iPhone restarted -- same again! No icon next to password field present. Perhaps a hint: When I request the desktop page of Dropbox in Safari during the process I get "Error (400)" - Missing client_id.
  3. Nice try. Deleted linked app and folder - same: stalling when signing in.
  4. Nope, same problem: circle keeps turning, nothing happens.
  5. Nope, Tina, can't even get connection to Dropbox.
  6. Hi, since updating to Enpass 6.0.0 on iPhone SE iOS 12.1.2 I can't setup synchronization with Dropbox. Setup stalls when trying to sign in to Dropbox to link with Enpass: Syncing with Dropbox works with Win10 Desktop-Version and on iPad pro 10'' iOS 12.1.1. Workaround is syncing with iCloud, but I have to renew the link to iCloud in the Desktop-Version periodical. Any help to connect to dropbox with iPhone?
  7. Hi, it would be nice to have the opportunity to change the font in which the data is shown. The non-serif fonts as Arial make it difficult to distinguish some characters from others, e.g. I (capital i) from l (small L). Regards Andreas
  8. Recent items Hi, I'm using the FF extension and it seems, that the list of recent items isn't updated correctly with the items I used at last. Especially when I type something in the search field and choose an item of the ones that are found, this one doesn't appear in the first place in the list of the recent items. Is it a bug or don't I understand how the list is created? Thanks Andreas
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