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  1. Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app. Enpass with Chrome extension has basically been unusable for me for a week or two. The extension just can't connect with the Enpass app. The page pops up that it's trying to connect, Enpass pops up and I enter my password, but the extension never seems to accept that it worked or make the connection. If I uninstall the chrome extension and re-install it, it'll work once or twice and then completely stop working again. I'm not seeing anyone mentioning it on the forum which is surprising to me. OSX Chrome: Version 77.0.
  2. Chrome Ext never works Apologies if this has been posted a million times, but feel like I've got to ask about it because it's continuous. Using Enpass on OSX with the Chrome extension and it seems to continuously not work. I don't know how often it is, but it seems when I go to Enpass preferences that "Enable browser extensions" is unticked. Just wondering if there's a reason for this or if it's a pattern. Does the connection stop working when Enpass or Chrome are updated or is it just random? It feels like it's broken multiple times per week
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