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  1. It's still a nightmare with Safari and there is no permanent workaround available :/ Same issue at my system with the version shown in the last post.
  2. @Anshu kumarYou got my feedback. Any news to extend the troubleshooting for the issue? This post is not solved up to now Thank you
  3. That was the workaround for me a few months ago. A few days ago it worked after I cleared the browser cache and all cookies. Now it doesn't work still anymore... At the moment I use Chrome more often as before, but it's not a good workaround.
  4. I think it's a general issues, because I saw the issue every time after I change my mail-address / loginname and clicked the update button. After I check the entry in the application then I see the old username.
  5. Hello, The update function doesn't work with macOS Enpass 5.6.3 & Safari Enpass 5.5.0. Previous versions were also affected. For example the username is not updated in the App after I clicked update in the Safari browser extension. Is it a known issue?
  6. Same problem and issues here. When can we expect a fix for that? I installed the Safari again, but it didn't solve the problem.
  7. Same issue on my site. I have to migrate 350 objects from 1Password with attachments and sometimes these are over 200kb. Any news about the ETA where both issues are improved/fixed? Thanks!
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