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  1. Thanks for the hint. Normally I don't need to look in manuals... Now that I've tested it I've noticed that folders and categories are shown together in the sidebar. They even can be mixed. So it seems that categories and folders are very similar. Maybe it would be a good idea to think about combining them. That would make all apps clearer.
  2. After using the app the first week... I'm testing/using the (full) android app for about a week now and I have some suggestions: 1. The 3-dots symbol at the right of an entry should be a lot larger. It's nearly invisible. It should have the same size like the same symbol in the toolbar if I open an item. 2. Folders should be shown directly within the left menu, just like in the Windows app. 3. If I use the PIN I don't have to hit the Enter key after entering the PIN. I think this is not very secure and it differs from the way it works on the PC. There I have to hit Enter.
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