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  1. Hi, I have a question of what happens when: My current sync location crashed recently. Now I want to change the sync location, but I have changed data over all three devices. What is best way to go from here? My guess is the following. Change the sync location on 1 primary location and let it sync to the new location. The changing the second device and let it point to the new location. If I understand correctly this will merge the data from the first device with the second device. Then changing the third device and let it point to the new location. This will merge the last sync of device 2 with this one. Is my theory correct? M.
  2. synchronize on multiple targets

    +1 for this. My reason is being able to switch sync location, when blocked by let's say a company proxy that is blocking certain sites.
  3. Enpass crashes at launch after latest update

    Same here. I'm running MacOS High Sierra GM and when hitting COMMAND+H for the enpass desktop app, it crashes: I think it is time for update 5.6.1 to fix this.
  4. IOS App does not display content

    IOS App does not display content I'm using Enpass IOS and since the last update (5.5.4) I'm experiencing a really annoying problem: I did a search on the forum, but did not find a solution or a similar problem. When opening enpass (using TouchID) my list of logins is empty. After recovering from the shock, I took a look at the desktop app. Using the desktop app all logins and notes are available. But none on the IOS app. This behaviour changes from to time. There are periods I see all logins in de IOS app and there periods that everything is empty. It seems doing a Sync Now manually does not do anything. I've stopped Enpass by swiping the app up. Restarted my iPhone Thus far the problem still exsists. I've attached the screenshots for reference. Does anyone ran into same problem?