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  1. Is there any other way to protect the data? How can I be sure I'm using a "good" password which is secure against brute force?
  2. I'm wondering. I can't find the Enpass APP in the German App Store. Did you remove it and if so: why?
  3. Thanks for the answer. I still not know how to secure my vault if I sync it over the net like Dropbox or iCloud. What if they collect my vault? How can I protect it? I somehow think 1 password has higher security because of the secret key feature. Even if they have my vault they need the secret key as second factor. Maybe I'm just too paranoid?
  4. WIFI sync Do you have any data when wifi sync is going to be released? I do not want to sync over Dropbox or services like Google cuz I do not think that is secure.
  5. So Enpass is an offline password manager. But if you decide to sync your data, you have to use the cloud because you can't use Wi-Fi sync. I have to store my container on services like iCloud or Google, Dropbox if I want to access it from all my devices. Enpass is missing a 2FA. If somebody is able to access my cloud or hack the service I‘m using, he can steal my container. Enpass only offers a master password and nothing else. It can be hacked more easy than having a second factor. Any plans on adding such a feature in the future?
  6. Any advantages between 1Password I'm actually looking for a good password manager. I just heard about 1Password and it is on the market since several years. Does Enpass have any advantages over 1Password for example?
  7. Vault is closing while surfing I got the option "Lock while system is inactive" checked. Strange thing is, that the vault is going to be closed even when surfing the internet. I have to turn it off. Is that behavior usual? EDIT: Fixed it. My bad. Hat the wrong option activated.
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