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  1. Thanks for the answer. I still not know how to secure my vault if I sync it over the net like Dropbox or iCloud. What if they collect my vault? How can I protect it? I somehow think 1 password has higher security because of the secret key feature. Even if they have my vault they need the secret key as second factor. Maybe I'm just too paranoid? 

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  2. So Enpass is an offline password manager. But if you decide to sync your data, you have to use the cloud because you can't use Wi-Fi sync. I have to store my container on services like iCloud or Google, Dropbox if I want to access it from all my devices. 

    Enpass is missing a 2FA. If somebody is able to access my cloud or hack the service I‘m using, he can steal my container. Enpass only offers a master password and nothing else. It can be hacked more easy than having a second factor. 

    Any plans on adding such a feature in the future?

  3. Vault is closing while surfing

    I got the option "Lock while system is inactive" checked. Strange thing is, that the vault is going to be closed even when surfing the internet. I have to turn it off. Is that behavior usual?


    EDIT: Fixed it. My bad. Hat the wrong option activated.

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