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  1. hi, I extracted secret and qr from my humblebundle authy. scanned it to enpass.. now i'm getting 6 digits codes.. however humblebundle authy codes are 7 digits. and these 6 digits aren't accepted at login upd: and what about autofilling TOTPs ? so you press shortcut for login/pass autofill, and on next page you press it again so TOTP is autofilled then
  2. unuglyfy linux theme on a dark kde themes enpass looks like crap.. can you fix it?? maybe switching from gtk shit to qt ??? or just make it look better. please can you please tell me what that dark mid part should represent??? same ugly dark is in browser extension.. and look at unreadable additional actions (arrow -> clear recent items and others.. grey on white.. you should execute your designers)
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