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  1. Authy makes a desktop version of it's authenticator - how awesome would it be to have the functionality right in Enpass! Just press the hotkey and it recognizes the site your on and pulls up the associated 2FA code. That would be so awesome!!
  2. I should add, it's even harder yet to set this up on a mobile device.
  3. First off, just wanted to say I'm a long time user of Enpass - awesome product I love it! But recently I've started to make use of more vaults, and I've hit the restriction of only 1 vault per OneDrive account. I have three vaults setup: 1 person, 1 shared with my wife, and 1 for work stuff. My personal vault is stored on my personal OneDrive account. My account shared with my wife we had to store on Google Drive. My work stuff is stored on my work OneDrive account. Trying to setup a personal and business OneDrive account in Enpass is NOT easy. It opens the br
  4. It seems to work better for me if I run the app as an administrator. Hopefully this helps some. (right-click from start menu > run as admin)
  5. Hi Guys, I'm ecstatic to finally have Enpass for Edge! I have noticed that if I don't use the extension for a while the keyboard shortcut (ctrl + /) stops working and it takes me to the "Enpass Connection Error" page. To resolve it I have to click the extension icon in Edge, then it figures out it is connected and the keyboard shortcut resumes working. Otherwise it seems to be pretty stable.
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