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  1. The best solution would be to implement a "learning feature" where form fields can be graphical selected or skipped, to have an internal map for key=>id of the form elements. I have seen this with another passwortmanager. I cannot remember the app because I've tested a lot (maybe it was Dashlane) and this works great. Bring this to another level means to have a complete internal map of all key values from Enpass to a id/name of a form element. If there is also some kind of searchlist to allow different id/names (a list with alternative names which can be used in the regular expression to find a matching form element), this opens the door to complete form filling app (and would be amazing)
  2. For some reason it needs often a second try before Enpass grabs the correct URL from the browser (Chrome). Most of the time the first result is "no result". It seems that Enpass has also a problem with subdomains (lilke m.domain often used for the mobile version of a web page) I've tried it with another PM (SafeInCloud) which works out of the box with every try. So there must be a bug with the implementation and how to process this events from the browser or with the regular expression to grab the parts of the URL.
  3. It seems Enpass cannot grab the URL from the Firefox 57 adress bar, there is always no entry found in the key chain. This works with the desktop version (and Firefox 57) but not on Android with Firefox 57 and Enpass. It works also with Chrome on Android so it must be a bug with the Android App in combination with the Firefox 57.
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