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  1. Plenty of space. I can certainly delete the file, but then I have 30 computers that require a resync. This is a terrible solution. The ONLY fix I have found is to disconnect ALL 30 computers, delete/rename the file on dropbox, and then reconnect ALL 30 computers to dropbox.
  2. @Garima Singh - Disconnected all Enpass clients and when I try to reconnect, still get error 209992 with Dropbox
  3. @Tahreem, disconnecting 30 PC's is a terrible experience.
  4. @Garima Singh - won't that effectively delete our passwords? There are hundreds...
  5. Same problem. 209992 error on 13 different Windows PCs
  6. You should be able to get around this by going to portal(dot)office(dot)com/account. Click on Security & Privacy, then Additional Security Verification and Create and Manage App Passwords. Create an app password. This password bypasses 2FA and can be used simultaneously across multiple browsers and/or machines. Works great for us. I have 23 users on 2 accounts. They use Outlook (desktop), Roundcube, OneNote, and Sharepoint regularly.
  7. We have 25 Windows desktop computers using the same cloud-hosted database. We started with Google Drive, but found some clients would lose the connection and not update. Suspecting this was an issue with Google Drive, we moved to Dropbox a couple months ago. Moving to Dropbox alleviated ~90% of our sync issues, however it's still an occasional problem. Manually syncing Enpass does not update the passwords that fail to sync. Any other suggestions to troubleshoot/remedy? Thank you!
  8. Can anyone clarify the changes in v5.6.5? Thank you
  9. +1 to having multiple vaults - such as personal and work.
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