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  1. Hello @Akash Vyas Thanks for you Info. Currently this is not an Option for me, i use the Firefox, Thunderbird, Putty, WinSCP and Enpass as portable Version in an encrypted Volume, which are not related to the PC, so i only need this File and i can work on any PC. Do you have any ETA for me? Thank you!
  2. I have the same issue and its really frustrating, its an total overhead to search the Logins and then copy and paste it...
  3. Hello, after i upgrade Firefox to the new Version (57) the Enpass Extension isnt working anymore, i can not us the Shortcut to fill the Forms. If i click on the Enpass Icon in Firefox, it shows me there is no connection and i have to enable the Option. But i dont change anythink on the Settings in Enpass, only upgrade the Firefox. I have disabled the Browser Support in Enpass, then Close Browser and Enpass, open Enpass enable it, close Enpass and open it again, the open Browser but nothing helped. Windows 10 Pro: Build: 15063.726 Firefox 57.0 x64 Firefox Add On Enpass Enpass 5.5.6 Portable Edition
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